Jamie Denison: I’ve spent most of my life loving the outdoors. My experiences on a farm and as a mechanic most of my life has instilled an ethic of hard work and commitment. It makes me a natural problems solver as well as someone that knows the value of reaching out to those that I can learn from and build my craft. Adding competitive sports in high school gave me a passion for competition. I’ve applied this to my fishing through tournaments.

I am now fishing with the North Carolina Kayak Fishing Association and I’m a proud member of the GOPC fishing team. For the past 3 years I have fished the Oak Island Classic with a 2nd place finish in the Inshore (Founder Division) 2013; 2nd in the Summer Small Mouth Slam 2014; 1st in the Stardust Open 2015; and a 4th place finish in the Offshore Division 2015. This has allowed me to expand my knowledge and competitive edge into multi-species competition adding the personal challenge of self-powered craft. I am told I have a natural competitive talent but my overall philosophy in winning is “just relax and do it.” If you work too hard at it, it’s no longer fun.

Accessory to my other areas of interest, I build my own custom rods and do repairs and projects upon request for select customers. I have worked the past 4 years as a Feature Representative for GetBit Fishing at the International Custom Rob Building Exposition in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where I’ve focused all my expertise into sales and promotion of the sport.